The Founders

Women Who Care was founded by Veronica Strachan and Dr Cathy Balding to inspire, instruct and involve women leaders in health, aged and community care.

We run events to help fabulous women who care to achieve their potential - and in the process help Very Special Kids achieve theirs.

We ask each event participant to make a donation to Very Special Kids through the Strachan Clan Seil sub-fund which is registered with the Australian Communities Foundation.

Veronica Strachan
Cathy Balding

With the help of Women Who Care, the Strachan Clan Seil sub-fund made it to our first target of $20,000.

We made our first donation to Very Special Kids in April 2019. We provided a grant to purchase 109 copies of "Beyond Words - Grieving When Your Child Has Died" by Andrew Thompson and Tricia Irvin Hendry.

Veronica also donated 14 copies of her book "Breathing While Drowning: One Woman's Quest for Wholeness" which tells of her own journey recovering from the grief of her young daughter's death.

We made our second donation in May 2020, providing funds to support telephone counselling for families during the global pandemic.

Our fourth donation in April 2023, takes our total grants to Very Special Kids up to $15,000.

If you'd like to make a donation directly to the fund you can do so HERE.

Veronica Strachan

Between organising WWC events, Veronica helps move people from "I can't" to "I can" through her leadership coaching, change management and facilitation; developing great leaders and teams to deliver great care. Her Practical Leadership coaching programs help leaders build their confidence to Show Up, Step Up, and offer the next person a Hand Up. More at True Dialogue.

She writes fiction in her spare time and is soon to publish her second fantasy, a supernatural action adventure. Veronica has three children's picture books published with her daughter, Cassi Strachan.

You can learn about all the other things she loves, sign up for some freebies and read her blog at

Dr Cathy Balding

Dr Cathy Balding supports health and human service leaders to 'make quality make sense'. Through her podcasts, books, website, training and monthly bulletin, she helps organisations to apply a common sense quality model that focuses on creating a great point of care experience for every consumer.

Cathy's latest book is a fable "The Point of Care" - how one leader takes a health service from ordinary to extraordinary.

Learn more, sign up for the bulletin, purchase her books, and contact Cathy at

And for Cathy's No Harm Done podcasts go to


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