WWC Confab Dinners

A Confab is an informal private conversation.

When we're not in lockdown, we run regular Women Who Care Confab Dinners to have great conversations about things that matter. The evenings are specifically designed for you to learn something useful, as well as connect with others who are working to make a difference in health, aged and community care services.

A guest speaker gives us the latest theory and practice on a useful topic, for example, how to engage staff in change, how to get your message heard with senior staff, how to plan for real results or how take better care of yourself in a challenging environment.

Sandy and Diners at WWCC 5

Each speaker includes three ‘Care Points’ from their research, experience or both that can, and have, improved things for consumers and health professionals.

We then have some discussion, Q & A, and each person commits to implementing one of the Care Points in their life.

And a big part of the caring is giving, so we ask each Confab participant to make a donation to our charity of choice – Very Special Kids through the Strachan Clan Fund which is a sub-fund registered with the Australian Communities Foundation.

You can read about the previous Confab Dinners on the blog.

If you can't make it to a dinner, but you'd like to donate to the fund you can read a little more and donate directly HERE


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