Three steps to courageous and resilient leadership

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Kim Koop's experience covers disability, aged-care and mental health services across hospital and community settings.

In 2016 she was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women in acknowledgement of her contribution to mental health services in Victoria and nationally.

Kim shared herĀ Three Steps to Courageous and Resilient Leadership with the confab. She began with her understanding of women as starting the leadership journey in an opportunistic way, tending to use networks and connections rather than a clear step-wise approach often taken my men.

Between courses we undertook three exercises:

  1. Taking time to get in touch with our own wisdom - about when will we pause throughout the day. Kim suggested the use of meditation can help during difficult times.
  2. How do we sustain ourselves - Who is in our gang(s) and how can we cultivate a gang? A supportive group who are willing to be honest and encouraging can sustain us. A gang can be two, a few or a small group. It can take courage to make the connections but is ultimately worth you taking the chance.
  3. Self-knowledge and self-compassion - What do you do when you don't know? Kim encouraged the confab to know themselves in all their glory and to keep learning.

Kim's book recommendations included: "The Mindful Leader" by Michael Bunting, "Not Knowing" and "Not Doing" by Diana Renner and "Character Strengths Interventions" by Ryan Niemic.

She also recommended using the VIA Strengths Self-Assessment to learn a little more about what makes you tick.

Dr Paige Williams gave attendees at the 2017 WWC Womenar a fun and detailed session on the evidence and practical use of this tool.

Don't forget to keep your eye out for the 2018 WWC Womenar.

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