Travels with myself

Debbie Law

Debbie Law, a service and workforce reform planning and implementation specialist took us on her Travels With Myself. She gave us a fabulous sneak peek into the itinerary of her most valued journeys - although she's yet to reach a destination. Debbie's reflections on her professional experience clarified that the times she was most happiest, and the most productive, were characterised by the use of 3 things.

Being able to use:

  1. The science of her profession (whatever that was at the time)
  2. A whole range of change techniques accumulated with experience, and
  3. Having the licence and support to be creative, and in that, also helping develop others.

Debbie shared 3 key gems with the group - all of which led to fabulous and far-ranging discussion over dinner with the questions Debbie posed. The lessons were:

  1. You cannot, nor should you, solve or accept all of everyone's problems: - THE RED HOT BRICK
  2. Not all good looking jobs are fit for (your) purpose
  3. Create a solid network of people you need in the tent

We also discussed when we see the 'best' learning - at the best of times or the worst of times.

Debbie encouraged us to spend time reflecting on lessons we may have received and, with hindsight, might have listened to more.

What are the key elements you need from a role that makes it worthwhile for you?

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