We need a new language for Longevity

Diners in the Kiln

Janet Wood inspired, entertained and challenged us to look at longevity with a totally new lens.

Janet, who is a self-confessed collector of Committees and Boards has an enviable breadth of learning and experience to share. Her introduction provoked great discussion on our current deficit model of ageing and planning care for older people.

As we age we become more diverse rather than having more in common. The dialogue covered so many great points around the collusion of the community in the doing 'to' older people rather than doing 'with'.

Here are Janet's questions to the group. What would your responses be?

  1. What happens if we start with a human rights basis for our care for older people?
  2. What would happen if we thought of older people as creators and collaborators in research rather than being the subject of the research?
  3. How do we change our model of listening to older people?

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