The myth of hard work

Mel Neil speaking to WWC

For a change of pace we invited positive 'deviant' Mel Neil to dinner and dialogue with Women Who Care. In fact, she is a positive psychology practitioner whose desire is to empower the success of individuals and communities. Her title and bio don't mention she's also a compelling and entertaining speaker.

Mel spoke about strengths based performance management and the myth of hard work - if we work hard enough we won't have any weaknesses!

Mel shared a bucket load of evidence and insight on managing ourselves and our teams, and overcoming our natural negative bias as humans.

3 Care Points

It was hard to pick only 3, but here they are:

  1. The only time we improve is when we leverage from what is strong, so focusing and offering opportunities around a person's strengths allows them to play into the best version of themselves.
  2. Take one step towards 'accurate' when you're having that performance management conversation. If the person performs brilliantly for 98% of the time, then only allow 2% of the conversation to be about the other 2% 'not-so-brilliant' performance.
  3. ​Start working on your positive bias with a gratefulness practice. Once a day ask yourself... 'What am I grateful for today?' Keep a consistent practice happening (start with 21 days) and you'll start to notice more and more things to be grateful for. (Love this one, I started this practice several years ago and I have over 6,000 reasons to be grateful journalled.)

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